State of the Art Vending

The Most Profitable Vending Options in the Business

Let’s face it – it’s a known fact that unhealthy eating is slowly killing children and adults. Unfortunately, society is often swayed and distracted by sleek marketing, high-tech gadgets, and routines that are comfortable.

In the battle against obesity, you need to level the playing field. The healthy vending options from Fresh Healthy Vending are a valuable tool in this fight. Not only do they provide healthy snacks and drinks in convenient locations, but they also grab your attention with their eye-catching designs and advanced technology.

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Let Your Vending Machines Do the Work for You

Traditional vending machines tend to be rudimentary and unremarkable. The healthy vending machines from Fresh Healthy Vending are revolutionary and offer you the following advantages:

  • Eye-catching graphics expertly designed to attract consumers.
  • Ability to sell snacks, drinks, and perishables (fruit, veggies, yogurts, and smoothies).
  • Coffee machine sells gourmet, freshly ground organic coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos as well as snacks, drinks, and perishables.
  • Energy-efficient, Energy Star-rated machines with LED lighting and hibernation mode to save energy.
  • Advanced technology that guarantees easy delivery of the product.
  • Remote monitoring system that helps you to monitor the sales from your machines without visiting the location.
  • U.S. manufactured and distributed, state-of-the-art, UL Listed combination machines that meet safety standards.

“No one should have to settle for unhealthy food anymore. The fact is that there is a growing need for healthy options in vending machines—they are the fastest growing segment of the healthy food category in North America. The franchise incorporates groundbreaking equipment.”

– Alex Kennedy, CEO – Fresh Healthy Vending

These machines make healthy eating convenient and exciting. Contact us to learn more about our innovative machines and ground-breaking advances in the fresh vending market.