Healthy Vending Machine Snacks and Drinks

In the fight against obesity – an epidemic that is slowing killing children and adults – healthy, convenient foods are vital weapons.

As pioneers in the healthy vending movement, Fresh Healthy Vending knows which healthy snacks in vending machines sell and you can profit from our knowledge.

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Free Delivery and Easy Ordering of Healthy Snacks

Avoid guesswork and extra fees when stocking your healthy vending machines.

You can rely on the Products Development Team to help you select from the more than 2,300 products we have sourced and outlined and the more than 6,500 healthy snacks available.

You know what you’re getting. All healthy food products have been tried, tested, and proven to sell in your healthy snack vending machines.

As a Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee, you will:

  • Save money with free nationwide delivery
  • Have access to exclusive e-commerce platform for easy ordering
  • Be provided healthy products and menus that meet school nutrition guidelines
  • Receive healthy snack recommendations based on your specific vending machine locations
  • Be privy to weekly and monthly updates and newsletters
  • Have access to our product development teams experience any time you need it

Enjoy all of these product benefits and more when you become a Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee.

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