Location Selection Is the Key to Everyone's Success

It’s All About Location! Location! Location!

If you want to make a profit, you need to find a captive audience.

That’s why location selection is the key to your success.

It can be extremely difficult to find the right location for your healthy vending machine. That’s not a problem with a Fresh Healthy Vending franchise. We do the hard work and secure prime locations for you.

Our machines are located in:

  • Schools: The healthy snacks in our vending machines meet or exceed the nutritional requirements of all schools. In fact, Fresh Healthy Vending was the first company to offer schools specialized menus that exceed state guidelines for nutrition.
  • Workplaces: Managers and executives now realize that the performance of their employees, the costs of health insurance policies, and the risk of absenteeism are directly related to what employees eat and drink.
  • Hospitals / Medial Centers: Government initiatives on both the federal and state levels are pushing the removal of junk food vending machines.
  • Other gathering places: With healthy vending machines at gyms, airports, community centers, convention centers, retailers, gymnastics studios, and so many other locations, day or night no one has to settle for unhealthy fast food anymore.


“As an organization that is promoting healthy living, we are very happy to have made the change to Fresh Healthy Vending. I feel it is important for us to ‘Walk the Talk’ and now we are. Many of our parents have shared with us how much they like the choices and that they don’t have to say no to their kids when they want a snack after swimming, basketball, gymnastics, etc.”

– David Anderson, Red Wing YMCA

Proven Success in Healthy Vending Machine Placement

Fresh Healthy Vending was started on the dream to end obesity! That passion turned us into pioneers in the healthy vending movement.

As we fought make healthy foods convenient and affordable, we discovered how to secure successful locations for vending machines. Using this proprietary information, we will provide you with the best locations for your healthy vending machines.

You will also benefit from our initiative to replace vending machines filled with junk with healthy vending machines. Learn more about our healthy food initiative on the Fresh & Healthy website.


However, you know your community better than anyone, so if you have a location in mind, let us know and we will help you secure it!

Make eating healthy accessible! Bring healthy vending machines to your community.

Become a wellness ambassador today!