Vending Machines For Schools

Fresh Vending machines are state of the art, and the best, for schools looking for a way to provide healthy food students. If you’re looking for a vending machine for schools, consider Fresh Vending Machines. Here are some reasons why.

The Fresh Vending Light Box

It’s a 3D double-sided light box with bright bold back-lit graphics. The light box advertises the presence of healthy, refreshing snacks.

Custom Fresh healthy vending Graphics

The Fresh healthy vending machine’s bright, attractive graphics draw the
customer in for a closer look.

Remote Wireless Sales Monitoring

The Fresh healthy vending machine emails you daily with full sales and
product statistics. This feature prevents unnecessary stops and minimizes the amount of inventory you need to carry to the vending machine location.

Non-chilled products

The top 2 rows of the healthy vending machine are ambient room
temperature and perfect for products such as organic bars, chips, dried fruit, and dozens of other healthy snack foods.

Chilled Products

The bottom 3 rows of the healthy vending machine are chilled to 38°F or
lower, meeting health and safety guidelines required to carry refrigerated food products. The refrigerated section is perfect for 100% fruit juices,
organic yogurts, fresh fruit smoothies, cold waters, and organic milks.

Bill and Coin Acceptor

CoinCo coin acceptor/Change Giver. Vantage Bill acceptor takes $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.

Credit/Debit Card Acceptor

Multiple item transactions with credit card or debit cards means higher singlevending machine transaction yields. The machines accept Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover, so customers without cash can purchase as well.

Fresh Healthy Food vending machines

Fresh healthy vending is the franchise business innovator in delivering the healthiest and freshest foods through highly advanced, state-of-the-arthealthy vending machine systems. We have researched and selected the highest quality of healthy food vending machines with features that we are proud to offer, including:

• Dual zone temperature controlled combo snack & drink vending machine

• Vantage Bill acceptor ($1, $5, $10, $20)

• USA Technologies Debit/Credit card acceptor, including wireless remote sales reporting

• Specially designed graphics kits to ensure the Fresh healthy vending vision is shared

• Light box featuring Fresh healthy vending logo and design



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