Fresh Healthy Vending, International Inc. Secures 71 Locations and Implements School Wellness Education Program

With 23 of the locations secured being schools, the company has successfully conducted multiple videoconferences with teachers, staff and students to educate them on the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards

With 23 of the locations secured being schools, the company has successfully conducted multiple videoconferences with teachers, staff and students to educate them on the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards

Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTC Markets: VEND), North America’s leading healthy vending franchisor, finishes out its first month of 2014 by securing 71 new healthy vending locations throughout the nation. Fresh Healthy Vending’s team of 20 in-house location procurement specialists secure prime vending location contracts for the company’s network of franchisees.

Particularly relevant as new laws from the USDA affecting school snacking go into effect this year, schools and youth facilities top the list of locations secured in January. In an effort to educate and inform students on the importance of healthy snacks, which will soon be on their campuses, Fresh Healthy Vending’s Wellness Education Program has been implemented this past month through videoconferences by the company’s chief wellness advocate with teachers, parents and students at the various respective school locations.

“We work closely with the schools to ensure we are reaching the greatest number of students with our wellness education assemblies,” said Jillian Ahlers, chief wellness advocate for Fresh Healthy Vending. “One example is the wonderful team at Marian High School, in South Bend, Indiana who worked with me to engage with more than 80 students at one time. Our objective was to brief them on the new regulations for Smart Snacks in School, introduce some of our healthy snacks and beverages, and share the long term and short term importance of choosing these healthy options for their bodies.”

Going into effect this year, as part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School Standard requires schools to sell food items that meet prescribed targets for calories, sodium, fat and sugar. Fresh Healthy Vending offers an extensive list of snacks that meet these requirements and is able to create customized menus for each location.

“In our videoconferencing presentations we show students and teachers the machines that will soon be on their campuses and we generally finish with a 15-minute Q&A that gives students opportunities to delve into specifics,” said Ahlers. “Their enthusiasm and inquisitive nature reassure our mission to provide healthier options for students across the country; we look forward to a very significant expansion of our education platform this year.”

In the first month of the year, Fresh Healthy Vending secured locations across the U.S. in places such as: St. Thomas More Catholic School in Chapel Hill, N.C.; YMCA of Dane County East in Madison, Mich.; Solon Middle School in Solon, Iowa; San Diego Dance Academy in San Diego; Apple Store in West Edmonton, Canada; ASU Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, Ariz.; Quaker Valley Middle School and High School in Leetsdale, Pa.; Franciscan School in Raleigh, N.C.; Tri-County Gymnastics in Youngsville, N.C.; Oak Cliff Family YMCA in Dallas, Texas;  IS29 High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. and many more.

“With the responses and requests for more videoconferences to take place in the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to bringing our passion and knowledge of health and wellness to schools nationwide,” added Alex Kennedy, chief executive officer of the company.

Fresh Healthy Vending offers financial grants to qualified locations around the country that are prepared to provide healthy vending options to their customers. To encourage communities to offer nourishing snacks, the company created to motivate managers at eligible locations to sign up for FREE Healthy Vending Machines. Fresh Healthy Vending also offers additional monthly financial incentives to keep the healthy machines in the locations it secures.

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