U.S. Calorie Consumption Dropping, But…

Despite data that shows U.S. calorie consumption is dropping, it appears Americans are also still lacking in proper amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diets. So says the New York Times in a 7/25/15 article which was quoted by Automatic Merchandiser.

calorieconsumptionThe article notes that the healthy vending industry – led by Fresh Healthy Vending, who pioneered the movement by providing franchised machines capable of dispensing fresh and healthy foods– should be proud that it has proactively addressed obesity with its healthy food offerings.

Instant Pizza via Vending Machine?

pizzamachineYep! Well, at least over in Europe. A company called Let’s Pizza has cooked up just such a contraption – it delivers you a fresh pizza pie in 2.5 minutes. For only 3 Euros, folks in the UK and Italy can try out Claudio Torghele’s invention.

We’re not sure whether it’s worth the gamble. But if you’ve got a hankering for something good AND healthy to eat instantaneously, there’s probably a Fresh Healthy Vending machine or Fresh Micro Market nearby. The shear number of tasty, good-for-you foods in them will make you forget about… what was that? Oh yeah – pizza.

This story came to us via Refinery 29.

Now You Can Get Corn in Bulk – HUGE BULK!

We all know that corn (in its less-processed forms) is good for you, but you probably don’t need THIS much of it. But if you do, just back your flatbed up to the closest Corn Xpress vending machine, pull the lever (or whatever you do), and watch all that lovely corn pour into your trailer.

Corn Xpress vending machine
Corn Xpress vending machine

Actually, we suggest you just find your local Fresh Healthy Vending machine, since you’ll have a lot more choice than just corn – in amounts that make a lot more sense to a person.

We read about this here:  http://www.vicksburgpost.com/…/local-man-develops-corn-ven…/

Helping Farmers Go Organic – The UNFI Foundation

UNFI, an organic and healthy foods distributor that is also one of Fresh Healthy Vending’s partners, announced recently that their unfi-foundationUNFI Foundation reached out to over 65,000 farmers in 2014 and helped nearly 1,000 of them go organic.

UNFI Foundation in 2014 awarded $698,000 through 72 grants to support organic and sustainable agriculture, a 51% increase from 2013. The nonprofit organizations that were funded work to: develop new organic farmers, conduct research, teach organic farming practices, and much more. The UNFI Foundation is honored to support and celebrate their work.

You can learn more about them here.

“Healthy Vending Is Good for the Heart”

That’s what the American Heart Association says, according to a story in Vending Marketwatch. In their July 10th story, they report that the AHA is trying to get consumers to re-think the role of vending in their lives. The organization is going to americanheartassocstart tracking data regarding healthy food alternatives available in vending machines, which they hope will lead to more and more “good” choices for consumers.

“I think that we’re beginning to see a change of mind-set of individuals,” Claire Butler with the American Heart Association told Vending Marketwatch, a web site of Automatic Merchandiser,  in regards to healthy eating. Heart-healthy foods are available today in more places than ever, and with companies like Fresh Healthy Vending providing such foods in their vending machines, more and more Americans have access to them.

Healthy Vending getting stronger despite challenges ahead

Healthy Vending is only getting stronger even with the challenges ahead. Typical operators face more challenges then we do because StateofVendingIndustry2015they aren’t sourcing the right products nor do they have access to enough of these.

Junk food operators will keep finding ways to place junk in healthy vending machines and claim healthy doesn’t sell. This is fine by us!

locations_piechartAdditionally, 82.7% of locations with vending machines are requesting healthy food choices – that’s opportunity for Fresh Healthy Vending franchisees.

Watch the video here: http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/video/12091031/2015-state-of-the-vending-industry

We’re Part of the Solution!

It’s always nice to be able to contribute to something as important and worthy as the First Lady’s healthy foods in schools initiative. We can say we did and we’re proud of that!

michobama_foodOver the last three decades, childhood obesity rates had tripled. The First Lady and her team’s efforts – as well as those by organizations such as Fresh Healthy Vending – have brought that number down significantly.

If you want to learn more about Michelle Obama’s organization, visit Let’s Move at www.letsmove.org

How To Promote a Corporate Wellness Program that Produces Results for Employers & Employees Alike

Most people seem to welcome the idea of health & happiness in the workplace; however, many companies do not necessarily follow through with creating a comprehensive wellness program.  According to Laura Linnan, a professor of public health at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and head of the CDC-funded Workplace Health Research Network, “what we know from the literature is that people who have comprehensive programs have better health outcomes and other outcomes we expect from a comprehensive approach.”

From a health perspective, such programs can lead to smoking cessation, weight loss or obesity prevention, and stress management – to name a few.  From a business perspective, corporate wellness practices can decrease absenteeism, increase work productivity & lower heath costs, among other factors.

To learn more about how to promote a corporate wellness program that produces results for both employees & employers, click here or visit the following link: http://fortune.com/2015/04/13/corporate-wellness/.

Automatic Merchandiser Highlights the Healthy Vending Dilemma

Although the traditional vending industry regards the healthy vending niche with skepticism, Automatic Merchandiser reveals that operators in today’s environment are more frequently searching for tasty products that meet nutrition requirements.

While people can naturally be hesitant to try something new, something that they’re unfamiliar with, Fresh Franchisee Craig Walters has found that “once people become familiar with the brands and products, they find something that fits their taste palate.”

To learn more about how healthy vending is impacting the industry, read the full article here or visit the following link:


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